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We Welcome Ms. Elizabeth Simms

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Elizabeth Simms is our first facilitator, she is working with students at Franklin Square Elementary Middle School. It is a vital and critical need in our success in having a facilitator at each of our partner schools. We are delighted in having Ms. Simms as a mentor, coach, and facilitator in helping children and schools in advancing and enhancing education in Baltimore City Public Schools. Please welcome Ms. Simms or say "hello" when you see her in the classroom of Franklin Square Elementary Middle School. She is an incredible mentor, instructor, and fully understands what the children need as we help them to broaden or enrich their experience in the classroom or within the community.

Thank you Ms. Simms your work, care, sharing, and understanding in helping others is very much appreciated and deeply needed. Thank you for helping us to help others!!

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