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Our Story

Financial Understanding

Our mission is simple: power through knowledge.  Our goal is to help our next generation to know and understand how interest rates, investment, and rates of return work over time.   Financial knowledge is power and power through savings and investment will yield a more productive and lower stress lifestyle. 

Our work of mentoring and helping children, parents and community in finance, investment, savings, and budgeting. With a curriculum drafted by financial professionals with advanced degrees and decades of experience as entrepreneurs, investment managers, and professional experts, we have shown an improvement in grades, attendance, and helped students accomplish thier dreams.


Cristata Cares and The Jonathan Ogden Foundation co-sponsored initiated an investment club at Patterson High School.  The investment club was developed as an educational and practical model.   The investment club was founded as a collaboration, integrating their classroom education with a practical application.   Students practice investment management  working as advisors to their endowment.  The endowment was seed funded by Cristata Cares and The Jonathan Ogden Foundation.


Cristata Cares has been recognized as an outstanding partner in The Baltimore City Public Schools System.   We have worked with elementary schools, middle schools, charter schools, and high schools throughout Baltimore.  

"Financial empowerment through knowledge and experience is the key to liberation and perhaps living or leading a better quality life."

Jonathan Bradley, CristataCares Founder

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