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Follow us as we grow together.  CristataCares helps to mentor and teach others in finance, budget, financial comprehension, investment, savings, and career or life skills. 


Our actions are not simply words or photos. We are engaged. Our long term goal and mission is to see our followers become leaders; mentees become mentors, students become teachers, and communities become stronger. 


We are very grateful in having donors, followers, visitors, schools and communities that are helping us to take one step at a time as we continue to take action.


Thank you for taking the time and in your action by following and supporting us.  Your donation of time as a volunteer or a financial gift are the incredients of achievement and success.  Thank you for helping others and our organization to reach new heights because of your action.


To make a donation simply click the "Donate Now." Thank you for taking the time and in considering our organization for a donation.





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