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Cristata Cares Project

We are pleased to announce our business plan competition "Cristata Cares Project" contest is between two schools Patterson High School and Howard County Public School "Applications and Research Laboratory" or "ARL."   This project is designed to promote entreprenuership and ownership through education.  

The "Cristata Cares Project" is an extension of our mission in financial literacy,  is it a coincidence that many of the "1%" are owners of businesses or entreprenuers?   We want to broaden our mission to help ones to financial independence or liberation by empowerment through ownership or entreprenuership.   Climb aboard and follow our path as we help to blaze a new trail for America's communities and economy through motivation and self-worth in building an enterprise.   


Some of the businesses being formulated are in finance, food, health, and technology.   Our business plan competion considers the social impact, the immediate and global comunity, its people (stakeholders), and whether it is economically viable and sustainable.  


We will be posting updates and developments on our blog.   For financial support for this program or our other incentive programs please consider a donation.   You will be able to clearly see how your donation or investment in tomorrow is performing by helping our next generation today.  Thank you.

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