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Cristata Cares Expands Its Mentoring Board

Ms. Samyra Lewis

We are very pleased to announce that we have expanded our "Mentoring" board. CristataCares mentoring board was founded by Joy P. Nanda, D.Sc., co-founder and advisory board member. Dr. Nanda envisioned that mentees would become "mentors" and his "M&M" model would help CristataCares to broaden its reach throughout Baltimore.

We are very pleased to announce that CristataCares has added four new mentors to our "mentoring board" our newest mentors, Mr. Maury Dickson, Ms. Samyra Lewis, Mr. David Vallejo Moreno and Mr. Sumner Webster. We are very grateful to them in giving and sharing their knowledge, experience, passion, and time in helping CristataCares in mentoring and working with students, families, and communities throughout Baltimore. Please welcome Ms. Lewis, Mr. Vallejo, and Mr. Webster to our CristataCares team, we would not be able to serve our mission within our community and partner schools without mentors. Thanks to our mentors, supports, donors, students, teachers, schools, communities, and our board members in helping us to take another step forward!!!

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