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Reports Grades and Attendance

We are pleased to report that our grades and attendance as a pilot program at Patterson High School is improving. The pilot program was formed and developed by Cristata Cares and Coach Kelley Bagdasarian as a supplemental program within her class. The primary goal is to help students to understand the significance and relevance of grades and attendance. Cumulative grades for this marking period ranged from a 2.0 to 4.0 with an average attendance rates at 90% or higher. We are very proud of each of the student's individual accomplishments and are looking forward to our continued progress.

We are pleased to see that our financial literacy class is reaching into other areas of student achievement. Our program offers a financial incentive for each student to reach or exceed their individual goals. Every student in this class received an award that was based upon individual goal setting for grades and attendance. We are encouraged by our student results and are looking forward to our continued work in mentoring, financial literacy, savings, investment, entrepreneurship, healthy habits, and goal setting.

Next week is our Thanksgiving Shopping workshop for kids, Matthew Wyskiel developed this program for kids to compare coupons and savings in stretching their dollar. We are very thankful to Coach Kelley Bagdsarian, Mr. Vance Benton (principal), Ms. Loretta Kavanaugh, Mr. Matthew Wyskiel, Jonathan Ogden Foundation, and our Cristata Cares board and donors who are supporting our organization, with their generosity of time, resources, and expertise.

Thank you!!!

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