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Patterson High School is a cover story in The Sunday Sun "Torn between two Worlds" Novemb

Patterson High School is on the international stage of working with students from around the world. Follow the incredible journey of teachers and counselors at Patterson High School. Patterson High School is a partner school of CristataCares, Patterson High School is the first school in Baltimore to host the investment club sponsored by CristataCares and Jonathan Ogden Foundation. We are grateful in having Mr. Vance Benton, Principal, Ms. Kelley Bagdasarian, and Ms. Loretta Kavanaugh who understand that personal finance, investment, and entreprenuership are paths to wealth building. Congratulations go to Principal Benton, Ms. Margot Harris, Mr. Tom Smith, Patterson Faculty, and Alfredo-Quinoness, MD at JHU Bayview who put us on the map through our first event and activity in sponsoring a book "Becoming Dr. Q." Follow Patterson High School's story it is a heartfelt and remarkable course of action in working with children from many countries in all walks of life. See story:

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