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CristataCares announces its New School Year Fall 2016!!

We are pleased to announce that CristataCares is working with four schools in Baltimore City Public Schools. CristataCares is entering its 5th year of working with students in elementary, middle, and high school. Our primary schools for this Fall semester are Douglas High School, Franklin Square Elementary Middle School, Patterson High School, and Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy. Our non-paid volunteers are working with students, parents, teachers, administrators and communities in helping others to gain a deeper understanding in savings, budgets, and personal finance. We are working with a record number of students in this fall semester as they participate in our "Grades and Attendance Incentive Program" or "GAIP." We encourage our followers to "like" "post" and or "share" our stories. We have a great story to tell, spoken or expressed through our students, facilitators, teachers, parents, or administrators as we continue to work, help, and build personal portfolios of knowledge and experience in investment. We are helping students to "earn as they learn" about savings, self-improvement and higher esteem through their participation, practice, and action within and outside the classroom. Thank you for investing your time in reading or sharing our children and community stories as we continue in our new school year with programs of innovation, incentive, investment, and improvement as we help others and ourselves in building a better and brighter tomorrow.

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