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Cristata Cares Advisory Board Member Coach and Mentor Mr. Jeffrey Thompson hits a Grand Slam at Lill

Today was an exciting and beautiful day in Sandtown/Winchester in SW Baltimore. Mr. Jeffrey Thompson led a football combine today at Lillian Rec Center. Coach and mentor Mr. Jeffrey Thompson led approximately 100 youth in a football combine. Coaches represented were provided by the Baltimore Ravens, UnderArmour, 10:12 Sports, CristataCares, Parisi Speed School, and Conquer Sports sponsored the event. We are very grateful to the Baltimore Ravens, UnderArmour, Conquer Sports, and Parisi Speed School it was an incredible day. Baltimore Ravens coaches worked with kids for 3 hours in giving and sharing their talent, knowledge, and professional experience with student athletes. It was a very memorable and special day for students, families, community partners, and Baltimore.

This was our second totally free Baltimore City Football Combine. Our "BCFC" recognized certain athletes for grades and academic performance. Gloves and shirts were given to each of the participants, all for free. The Baltimore Ravens coaches could not have been more enjoyeable, kind, and generous in sharing their time and interest. Thank you Mr. Jeffrey Thompson, you have made our organization proud. Thanks to the Baltimore Ravens and UnderArmour in making this an incredible day that will be remembered for years to come!!!

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